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We are a broker team from the former Kasten Long Commercial Group with the knowledge, experience and client-dedication to provide the best service possible for apartment owners and buyers. More than 1,000 apartment properties transacted worth >$1,000,000,000

Learn more about us below and how we provide added value beyond a sale price.

Our “Client-First” Approach Sets Us Apart From Other Phoenix, Arizona Commercial Real Estate Brokers

We are work hard to provide you the best possible service! Leverage our market knowledge, experience, and education to find your next investment property and collect a top-dollar sale price at its disposition. We do this by advising you of steps to take to maximize your Phoenix area apartment value both before AND long after a sale. [TIP: We can even help you maximize cash-flow during your ownership]

Knowing the Phoenix Arizona commercial real estate market like the back of your hand should be a given for any broker you consider working with. Do they know about each past sale including its price, terms and financing? Are they familiar with the specific property? Do they fully understand the current market dynamics beyond just supply and demand? Appraisers often call us to gain insight into unique properties and to verify their property valuations are in-line with the market. This truly happens.

But where we take it farther is in keeping you informed. You can get market data from other Phoenix area brokers or even online. But what does that data mean? What are the trends and why are they influencing the market? What is happening, or will happen, in areas that will impact your investment value?

Our Phoenix Apartment Market Insights blog and quarterly Metro Phoenix Apartment Owners Newsletter published continuously since 1999 will help you make informed decisions. We also have an entire website with video presentations and content from past Phoenix area apartment and multifamily events for owners we hosted to show them ways to increase their cash flow and overall property value.

You should have an enjoyable and profitable ownership experience as well as an amazing buying or selling experience. We can help.

If you want to chat about Phoenix Arizona commercial real estate, apartments, or multifamily or even just connect for a quick coffee, reach out to us anytime!

– Metro Phoenix Commercial

Jim Kasten, CCIM

Founder of Kasten Long Commercial Group
M: 602-677-0655

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Jim received a Master’s Degree in geology in 1975 from the Univ. of New Mexico and conducted worldwide mineral exploration for major companies such as US Borax, RTZ and Phillips Petroleum Company for many years. When geologists were not in high demand, Jim worked as a realtor in Phoenix, AZ (1984 to 1987) and in Reno, NV (1992 – 1994) where he developed expertise in investment sales and apartment brokerage. In each company, Jim quickly led the company with total gross sales and number of transactions.

In 1998, he joined RE/MAX Commercial Investment in Scottsdale, AZ – and subsequently formed the Kasten Long Apartment Team with his long-time friend Jan Long. With the addition of several additional excellent apartment brokers, the Team achieved national and international awards from RE/MAX Commercial – and between 2003 and 2007, was always ranked in the top five commercial teams for RE/MAX worldwide.In 2009, keeping the same core of talented agents, Jim formed the Kasten Long Commercial Group – still with a focus on apartments / investments.

In 2011, he merged his Group with several equally talented and highly respected agents with expertise in sales and leasing for office, medical office, and retail. To complement the growing expertise, the Group further expanded with highly successful agents to cover industrial and land, so that the Group is now a full service, real estate brokerage serving primarily the greater Phoenix area.

The ethics, analytical process and dedication that Jim learned in geology have permeated his career in commercial real estate and are principles that each in Metro Phoenix Commercial practice. The highly skilled personnel within the Group have an intense dedication to knowing every aspect of their particular commercial real estate expertise and have an unequaled dedication to providing the best service possible for their clients.

Chris Norton

Chris Norton
Broker Advisor, and Downtown Phoenix Advocate
M: 480-559-9775

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Chris received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a minor in film & video production in 1991 from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. A native of Anchorage, Alaska, Chris has actively invested in the metro Phoenix real estate market and is committed full-time to his commercial real estate brokerage clients.

His real estate investor education includes a direct, personal mentorship on seller-financing strategies with John Burley, learning about tax liens, tax deeds and land investing from Jack Bosch, studying multifamily & apartment investing under Dave Lindahl and Note investing with Eddie Speed. He knows investment numbers well and understands what investors are seeking.

His real estate brokerage education includes course work from the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business in Scottsdale, AZ after which he became licensed in 2011. Chris moved into full-time investment real estate brokerage in 2014 and considers education to be an on-going activity that helps him better meet client’s needs.

He was a member of the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association, the Phoenix Real Estate Club, and the Arizona Multihousing Association.

He is a past member of the Phoenix Community Alliance where sat on three committees:
Central City Planning & Development,
McDowell Road Revitalization, and
Social & Housing Advancement.

His passion for building stronger communities also translates into unique market insights for clients.

“As a commercial real estate broker with a love for multifamily, my focus is to build profitable relationships with clients by being easy to work with, fully understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations. What started as getting a license for the benefit my own investing has blossomed into a passion for building stronger communities with clients and partners.”

Wes Waddle

Broker Advisor, and Certified Mortgage Banker
M: 480-421-8753

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Wes began working in the real estate industry as a teenager in Marion, Ohio, where he was rehabbing apartments. After high school, Wes became a electrical salesman and learned the business as an electrical contractor. When he went to college, Wes became an industrial electrician where he was hired to troubleshoot complex issues.

Wes received his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education specializing in Music and English in 1986. He earned his advanced degrees in Religious Studies. Upon receiving his degree, he was quickly hired by the Sears Financial Network in their credit card division. He soon started his own debt servicing and collection company. A few years later he was hired full-time in the mortgage industry where he spent most of his career.

In 1999, Wes became a real estate investor and learned to “flip” properties before that idea became popular. Wes has studied real estate from many of the popular instructors. He has been a real estate investor in Indiana, Ohio, and Arizona. He has even appeared on a television infomercial about real estate.

In 2005, Wes moved to Arizona and became involved with many different real estate groups. In 2009, Wes was asked to become a real estate instructor through the Arizona Department of Real Estate. He was happy to accept the challenge. He is currently qualified to instruct real estate professionals in the areas of Real Estate Legal Issues, Contract Law, Ethics, and general real estate. He wrote and still teaches the “No Money Down” class where he discusses topics including leases, options, seller financing, negotiation techniques and “1031 (Starker) Exchanges.

Wes is a Certified Mortgage Banker which is the highest designation offered through the Mortgage Bankers Association. Wes has studied mortgage underwriting in various aspects including commercial underwriting and advanced underwriting. He has also studied FHA, VA, and conventional underwriting.

In order to have a “higher perspective” on real estate issues; Wes also has a commercial pilot certificate and is a Certified Flight Instructor.

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