Apartment Owner Resources

Each day apartment/multifamily owners make one of the three decisions:

Apartment Operation Tips & Resources

As the former Kasten Long Commercial Group, we held meetings for Phoenix area apartment owners and events for metro Phoenix multifamily/apartment market insiders. The meetings shared ways apartment owners could increase their cash-flow, boost their property value and network with other Phoenix area apartment owners. Our events highlighted what was happening in areas across the valley that would impact commercial real estate property values.

More resources, like vender referrals and tips, will be added to this section in the future. In the meantime, please check out the archived KLCG.Events website for videos and more. You’ll find our take on what’s happening in the Phoenix metro in our Market Insights blog, multifamily & apartments for sale, what’s sold and construction here as well.

When And How To Refinance Apartments

Coming Soon!

Selling A Phoenix Area Apartment or Multifamily Property

Metro Phoenix Commercial is one of the most ethical apartment brokers in metro Phoenix, Arizona area. Our mission is to get you the best buyer at the best price and maintain control of the escrow so you’re not left with a property that’s tied up and won’t close!

We are experienced with helping owners harvest their equity and in using a 1031-exchanges to trade up into a bigger building thus growing their legacy wealth.

What Price Can You Sell For In This Market?