Metro Phoenix Off-Market Multifamily/Apartment Inquiries

We are a broker team from the former Kasten Long Commercial Group which shutdown due to COVID-19 in 2020. Learn more about who we are…

We sometimes come across owners who are not actively trying to sell their property but who might entertain a strong offer. A buyer considering an off-market property should be prepared to write a clean offer, have minimal contingencies and offer a fair price.

If you are interesting in off-market metro Phoenix apartments and multifamily, let us know. We will contact you.

Please be prepared to articulate what you are looking for, your qualifications and your experience. For any opportunities that arise where you may be a fit, completing a non-disclosure / non-compete agreement will be required before any confidential information can be shared.

Off-Market Opportunities

For well qualified and experienced apartment investors.
  • What can you spend with cash, financing, syndication, 1031-exchange, etc.
  • Please be specific and describe with detail. IE: Location? Property characteristics? Unit mix?
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