WESTMARC Economic Development Summit in the Renaissance Glendale Hotel

2023 WESTMARC EDS (West Valley water)

This year’s WESTMARC Economic Development Summit was all about water in the west valley and we have videos of each session. Authorities from SRP, CAP, and AZ spoke on topics such as “How Arizona Manages its Water Resources Prudently For Growth” and “West Valley’s Water Infrastructure & the Requirements to Fuel Future Economic Growth”. On … Continued

What’s Driving Our Amazing Metro Phoenix Multifamily Market

New apartment construction – are we overbuilding? What does the future hold for metro Phoenix apartment occupancy, vacancy and rental rates? Apartment sales volume and CAP rates. Are CAP rates heading lower? The factors driving our dynamic metro Phoenix apartment market What’s driving the Downtown Phoenix apartment market?Massive new apartment constructionWhere might investors acquire land … Continued

Metro Phoenix Commercial Featured In Podcast

We recently talked with Danny Brown, founder of the Myriad Real Estate Group, a highly skilled residential real estate team. Danny shares a key core principle with us; dedicate yourself to always putting the client first! That sounds like it should be obvious but it’s surprisingly not always the case in this business. On his … Continued

Our Dedicated “Client-First” Approach

We a broker team from the former Kasten Long Commercial Group brokerage. Learn more about Jim Kasten, Chris Norton, and the team EDITOR’S NOTE: Kasten Long closed permanently due to COVID-19 in August 2020. We are a broker team from that company and carry forward those values, experiences, and our high standard of ethics in … Continued